I moved to Vancouver for the active lifestyle. I love being close to the water and do my best to pursue a healthy work-life balance. For me, that is jumping on my bike and rolling to the beach – it is how my friends and I decompress.

The idea of a crisp and purposeful beach mat had been with me for years. As summers came and went, I saw different beach mats but none were stylish and lacked additional storage.  

In my 30’s, old and new sports injuries led me to yoga. Lack of flexibility and strength made starting out a challenge, but I was quick to recognize the many benefits.

Packing for yoga left little room for my mat; I either had to carry it or have it stick out of my backpack. Most yoga bags couldn't carry much more than a yoga mat, but the shape always reminded me of a roll up beach mat. In 2015... a light went on!

If the beach mat pillow was hollow, it would allow room for a yoga mat or beverage sleeve! From that point the goal was to design a durable and highly functional product for both the beach and yoga/fitness.


Cameron Bergman

Cameron Bergman wearing the Wrec Pac crossbody on a bike along the seawall in Vancouver BC, Canada.